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About Us

More Days Under a Blue Sky

All Are Welcome At Bad Habit*

Scratch golfers and seasoned pros; hackers, dabblers and newbies; young and old; irresponsible gamblers, recovering cheaters and delusional dreamers (preferably all in the same foursome). 

*No sore losers or buzzkills allowed in our clothes (you know who you are).

We know what you’re thinking. And it’s true. We started Bad Habit so we could golf more and work less. More days under a blue sky with good friends should be on everyone’s bucket list. We also think the world needs more pot-stirring outsiders who are just delusional enough to believe that a golf polo can make the world a better and more colorful place.

But here’s another truth: golf needs to lighten up and stop taking itself so seriously. We’re playing on grass and sand, with balls and sticks, shooting for birdies and bogies. Nobody’s looking for a cure for the common cold. We’re looking for our ball in a bunker.

And if that was a “Hallelujah” we just heard (and it sounded like it was), we hope you’ll allow us to wrap a Bad Habit polo around your skin so that we can put some color in your game… and your life. And your neighbor’s life.

And to be clear, we think color is more than pigment on a shirt; it’s your signature, swagger and style–the splash you make in the world and the reason people smile and feel lucky when you walk into a room.

Color is what you leave behind, on and off the course. And that starts with you!

Let’s change the game together… one small, colorful swing at a time!

Don't Worry...They're Looking At Your Shirt

Thanks for joining our journey!